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EUWSC welcomes surfers of all abilities. Our main goal is for everyone to have a great time and hopefully improve their surfing and windsurfing in the process!


For those who are wondering or confused as to how EUWSC works here is quick guide as to how we roll. There are two aspects to our club; surfing & windsurfing. All aspects of the club are communicated through our public Instagram/Facebook page, as well as several private WhatsApp groups (available when a membership is purchased).

Membership is £45 for the whole year and gives you access to all our equipment all year round.The membership also includes a Surfers Against Sewage membership, a charity with the aim of keeping our beaches and oceans clean! Further benefits of being a member of EUWSC include the ability to come on our trips, take part in surf lessons and yoga classes, and surf skate classes. In addition to all of this we also offer discounts in pubs, clubs and some surf shops. Not to mention all the wonderful people you'll meet when taking part in these activities!

To sign up for membership click the “Sign Up” button on this page and it will direct you on where to go! You have to create and SU account and then you can purchase your membership. To become a member of any of Edinburgh University’s sports clubs you have to pay a fee of £8.50 to the Sports Union, unfortunately this is out of our control but you only have to pay it once.

Once you have purchased a membership, a link will be sent to your email, and you will be invited to join our members WhatsApp chats.


Instagram/Facebook page: this is where we share info about events, trips, lessons and many other stuff. A page to follow if you want to keep track of the things we get up to. 

WhatsApp Chats: we have several different groups.

  • EUWSC INFO is our main information channel (same as the public social media pages).

  • EUWSC CAR is for car sharing, members who are looking to go out / or to fill up their car, will post on this chat.

  •  EUWSC LOCKUPS is for people to ask for a committee member to open the lockups.

  • EUWSC Q&A is for general questions anyone may have.

  • EUWSC WINDSURF is for windsurfers to communicate about windsurfing related events that may be happening.

Membership: Programme
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